Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is one of the most effective and prestigious methods, desired by many customers. Unfortunately, you have to realise that not every logo can be embroidered in an effective way. This depends of many factors, such as complexity, small elements, tonal transitions – that is why, at the first stage of preparing a valuation, we always suggest changing the technique if some other method will allow you to reflect your logo in a better way.

At Logos Dystrybucja, we use modern embroidery machines controlled by computers for marking, as well as a wide range of thread colours. Thanks to this solution, company clothes worn by your employees, as well as advertising materials, will gain elegance. Embroidery is recommended for heavier-weight clothing, such as warm, thick fleece, sweatshirts and softshell jackets. There are no contraindications for embroidering thinner fabrics like T-shirts; however, it should be remembered that embroidery with a larger surface significantly stiffens the material, which negatively affects the comfort of use.

Examples of embroidery

The pros and cons of computer embroidery foil:
  • guaranteed durability
  • the embroidery does not fade, does not crumble, it can be washed and ironed without any problems
  • in large quantities, it may be cheaper than printing
  • one-time embroidery program
  • does not allow for reflecting all the details of the logotype
  • high cost with small quantities
  • large embroidery stiffens thin clothing, which affects wearing comfort