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Branded clothing in the world of sport

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Marked clothing is an integral part of most industries. Once upon a time, we met along the road CST Poland – a company which is a producer of bicycle tires, present all over the world – by participating in the relay around the world know as Bike Jamboree. Most participants of this daring expedition use the reliable CST tires.

CST tires are dynamically developing, taking a determined step forward each year. For several years, the flagship project of CST in Poland has been the CST 7R MTB Team cycling group, whose leader is the multiple Polish champion Dariusz Batek. CST tires are used by more and more cycling teams in Poland. The CST offer is not only intended for the bicycle market, but also includes tires for motorcycles, ATVs and 4 × 4. In these market segments, CST enjoys a very good reputation among customers. CST tires will give you the results you expect: durability, reliability, safety and ride comfort – all at an affordable price. We specialise in all kinds of off-road.

High quality is the company’s motto

From the beginning, CST pointed out that the decisive factor when choosing the clothes and a supplier is the quality of the product and the services it offers.

What prompted you to order company clothing?

We want our competitors and ambassadors, as well as partner stores, to proudly represent our brand. The demand for company and mainly marketing clothing is very high every year. That is why we focus on quality so that people associate us with a trustworthy company – says Paweł, one of the representatives of the CST brand.

This is how the concept of producing caps with 3D embroidery was born, which is one of the most effective decorations on this type of advertising gadgets. Caps served not only the competitors, but also all partners of the CST company, as well as some fans who became their lucky buyers.

The manufacturing process of caps with 3D embroidery

What was especially important to you when ordering clothes?

First of all, the price-quality ratio and, due to the rather short deadline, the ability to quickly deliver the finished product. This is how we came across your company. The consultant you assigned to our order did great job and provided us with professional advice based on many years of experience.

We were given quite a tense deadline, but it did not interfere with the quality performance of 3D embroidery; thanks to which we not only managed to fit within the set time period, but also to deliver a finished product that met the expectations of even the most demanding people in the company.

Impressions of cooperation

What were your impressions while working with us in the field of clothing execution?

Contact with the sales department is very good. The quality of clothing and printing is highly competitive when compared to other companies in the industry. The people working there are very helpful at every stage of order execution, not only when placing the order itself. The solution that reduced the risk of ordering the product online was the possibility of receiving several test caps, thanks to which we were able to manually assess which model met our requirements.

Years of experience have taught us that buying a product without prior physical inspection of its quality is a risky matter – to minimise the risk of dissatisfaction with implementation, we tend to ship a test product (without decoration) so that you can be 100% sure that the clothing you ordered will meet your expectations.

Finished product, prepared for the CST company

What has CST gained by cooperating with us?

The clothing that has been produced has a great impact on our company’s image. In the world of cycling and broadly understood off-road, the appearance of competitors is evaluated, which is why representatives of our company must always look good. The products we have chosen are of the highest quality, which is very positively received by people from outside.

Do you operate in the field of sports services? Get inspired and write to us, and we will prepare for you clothes that will improve your image in the industry!

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