Customer reviews

Great service and customer approach, especially in the field of unusual projects. I recommend

Wojciech Pawełek

“Full professionalism of service, good quality of the ordered product, absolutely no reservations. I can confidently recommend Logos.”

Łukasz Wojdała
ESET Polska





“We wholeheartedly recommend the company! We ordered men’s polo shirts with a silk-screen print. The print and t-shirts are of very good quality. Professional approach to the client, very fast implementation time, great contact, nice and efficient. Thank you for your cooperation and for your patience with our undecided”

Ewa Nowińska
Novimaa Transport

“What distinguishes LOGOS is its proactive attitude and meeting customer expectations. They know their products and their capabilities. They do not forget to take care of regular customers. In a crisis situation, they can rise to the occasion. It all adds up to a team of professionals worth cooperating with”

Kamila Braszak