Odziez z logo - 5 dowodów na jej efektywność

Clothing with a logo – 5 examples of its effectiveness

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Sooner or later, each employer reaches the topic of considering the purchase of company clothing. You can simply buy clothes for employees or mark them with the graphics characteristic for your company. Why is the latter option more beneficial?

Logotype – its parameters and clothing marking

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If you want to put a logo on clothing, we always ask for a graphic in vector format. Why? This is a special file format that allows you to change its size without worrying about losing quality. If we made such modifications on a bitmap, the final graphics applied to clothing could differ significantly in quality from the original.

How to choose the right shirt for your employee?

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Do you want to dress your employees in company shirts, but you got lost when reaching the moment of choosing a specific model due to the overwhelming variety of fabrics? Are you wondering what to opt for? There is no definite answer – one shirt will work for office workers, another for drivers who should wear a 100% cotton shirt, while in the case of catering employees who wash the shirt at least twice a week, it is worth considering durable poplin shirts or a model with an admixture of polyester. Below we describe some basic weaves that have a significant impact on the shirt’s properties.