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About how workwear became advertising clothing

Haft ulter sport
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The company has existed since 1986, and it initially specialised in the regeneration and replacement of exhaust systems. Four years later, as the Production, Service and Trade Enterprise “ULTER”, it used to deal with the production of standard mufflers for many types of cars.

In 1992, along with the growing demand on the car market for sports exhaust systems, based on the extensive experience of specialists, work began on the production of sport mufflers and tailpipes. The high requirements that customers set for the enterprises in this industry have made the company introduce many new technologies and high-performance materials.

Rear silencer – one of the products of the Ulter-Sport company

Currently, it is one of the leading manufacturers of sports exhaust systems in Europe. It deals with supplying large automotive concerns and tuning companies, but does not forget about retail customers.

Why fleeces?

“We were looking for a solution that would provide our employees with thermal comfort and, at the same time, would be an interesting form of advertising our company and services” – says Wojtek, who is responsible for orders on behalf of Ulter Sport.

“We received 3 product suggestions, which was a new experience for us – when ordering company clothing, we usually bought a ‘pig in a poke’, the quality of which could be verified only after we had received the finished product. Logos went a step further by sending us 3 samples of the proposed fleece, so we could choose a product that meets our expectations. We could thus avoid failures, because the model we originally liked the most turned out to be too thin for our needs.”

Their choice, therefore, fell on our flagship fleece model – Transformer – which offers the possibility of any colour personalisation: starting from the material colour, through reinforcements, to the shade of the zippers.

Branding with advertising embroidery

To mark the fleece, we used a computer embroidery technique that works best on a fleece structure. The work on the project lasted several days, and we tried several different marking variants – the final choice was the classic marking of the front part, i.e. placing the logo on the chest. The back, however, has been embroidered with a theme designed especially for Ulter – the exhaust system with the website address – serving as an advertisement.

Execution of marking by means of computer embroidery

For the embroidery of the website address, we used a thread with a colour very similar to the fleece finishing to offer the customer a coherent product.

Second life of workwear

Shortly after the customer received the parcel with fleeces, we received a phone call asking us to make another batch of them.

“The finished product not only met our expectations, but even exceeded them, so – after a short consultation – we decided to order an additional batch, which we will use for advertising purposes.”

In the meantime, the company also decided to order T-shirts, polo shirts and caps with its logo for advertising purposes.

As you can see, sometimes by accident, we can find an alternative use for products ordered for a completely different purpose.

Benefits and impressions of cooperation

The above comment is the best motivation for us to further develop and meet customer expectations. By offering company wear, we want to give something more than just clothing – by putting our heart into it, we inspire companies to look for alternative sources of advertising at the clothing level.

What has Ulter-Sport gained by cooperating with us?

Thanks to the fleece samples sent, the customer avoided a mistake caused by choosing the target product only on the basis of a photo.

A dozen visualisations allowed the client to obtain a product that pleases the eye of a potential user.

Clothing originally ordered for work purposes has found its application in a wide range of marketing activities run by Ulter-Sport.

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