Koszula Tee Jays Manager Comfort Fit

    Elegancko i z klasą – to zaleta właśnie tej koszuli. Wybór koszuli Manager Comfort Fit w przypadku bezpośredniego kontaktu z klientem będzie najlepszym rozwiązaniem. Efektowna, o lekko lśniącym materiale, dobrze układająca się, z usztywnionym kołnierzykiem i mankietami oraz z możliwością wyboru kontrastowych guzików sprawi, że wygląd nabierze charakteru formalnego.




    * Your price depends on the quantity of items. Minimum quantity:15
    Light Blue
    Light Blue / Blue

    Cutting: Classic

    Composition: Cotton

    Weight: 133 g/m²

    Sizes: 3XL, 4XL, L, M, S, XL, XXL

    Elegancko i z klasą – to zaleta właśnie tej koszuli. Wybór koszuli Manager Comfort Fit w przypadku bezpośredniego kontaktu z klientem będzie najlepszym rozwiązaniem. Efektowna, o lekko lśniącym materiale, dobrze układająca się, z usztywnionym kołnierzykiem i mankietami oraz z możliwością wyboru kontrastowych guzików sprawi, że wygląd nabierze charakteru formalnego. Wizerunek ma ogromne znaczenie, a wybór naszej propozycji na pewno pozytywnie wpłynie na profesjonalizm i kompetencje Twoje i Twojej firmy. Koszula należąca do półki Premium.

    Istnieje możliwość wykonania znakowania koszul Twoim logo. Na koszulach biznesowych Premium, najczęściej stosujemy haft komputerowy, specjalne techniki trwałego nadruku lub naszywki. Dobór metody znakowania odzieży firmowej uzależniony jest od stopnia skomplikowania logotypu ( kształt, wielkość, drobne elementy, itd. ) oraz od preferencji klienta i nakładu.

    Twoje logo możemy wykonać w różnych miejscach, najczęściej wybierane miejsca umieszczenia firmowego logo w przypadku koszuli z nadrukiem to logo na lewej piersi, ramieniu oraz na plecach.


    • Obsługa klienta
    • Sprzedaż
    • Imprezy firmowe
    • Czas wolny i rekreacja


    • Produkt: koszula z długim rękawem
    • Styl: męska
    • Krój: comfort fit
    • Skład materiału: 100% bawełna
    • Gramatura: 133 g/m²
    • Rozmiary: S, M, L, XL, XXL


    • Kołnierzyk typu cutaway
    • Usztywniony kołnierzyk i mankiety
    • Karczek z zaszewkami
    • Dół w kształcie łuku
    • Łatwa w pielęgnacji
    • W wybranych modelach kontrastowe guziki

    Choose your ideal method of marking clothes and accessories on your own or use the advice of a LOGOS consultant who will find the method best suited to your needs.

    By deciding to cooperate with LOGOS, you will receive an order tailored to your needs and expectations. We focus on flexibility and an individual approach, and we stay in direct contact with you at every stage of order execution. Check how we process your order!

    1. Contact form

    A short contact form will help you pre-define your needs and will be the starting point for us to prepare an individual offer. The content of the form contains basic information about the order – number of items, type of clothing, logotype pattern – and company contact details. Submitting the form is completely non-binding, and queries submitted in this way are considered first!

    2. Consultation with the order coordinator

    Each LOGOS customer is individually taken care of: after accepting the form, we register your company in our database and assign you a dedicated consultant who will stay with you until you receive your order. The consultant will contact you by phone to arrange the order details. You can also count on professional help in choosing clothes or marking methods. The assigned consultant will also be at your disposal in the future to proceed with ordering more of existing designs or make an entirely new order, thanks to which every subsequent order will be simple and easy – without any unnecessary formalities.

    3. Presentation of the offer and project visualisation

    Based on the collected information, we prepare an offer for your company in the form of a PDF file. The materials include detailed photos, descriptions and prices of ordered products, as well as the expected date of order completion. Another thing you will receive is a free visualisation that will perfectly show the finished product with your logo. It is then possible to make any corrections. Thanks to the professional form of offer preparation and visualisation, you can easily present it to your superiors.

    3a. Optional consultations and test materials

    If you want to see the clothing personally before ordering, we will send you demonstration models in several sizes for testing. You will thus be able to give us the size specification for the ordered clothes.

    Once you accept the offer, we issue a pro forma invoice and wait for the prepayment to be credited. If your order includes a large number of items or has deferred payment, we conclude a written contract. We respect your time: we send the contract by e-mail, and you approve it at your company’s headquarters.

    5. Execution and receipt of the order

    After receiving the prepayment, we start processing your order. You are in constant contact with the order consultant and can check at what stage the works are at any time. Before embarking on the process of decorating clothes by means of computer embroidery, you will receive a photo of the test embroidery from the consultant. If you feel the need to see your embraided logo personally, you can receive a sample embroidery on a piece of fabric from us. We send ready goods to the address you specify; the clothing is permanently marked and ready for use!

    Unfortunately, no. We operate in the B2B sector, so we only support companies.

    Our sales team is at your disposal by phone or e-mail. If you prefer direct contact, we invite you to a meeting in our office, at a convenient time for you.

    Yes, at the client’s request, we send samples of clothing for inspection, including selected models in full size for trying out. As a result, customers receive precisely tailored clothing in line with expectations and ready to use immediately after receipt.

    Yes, we can prepare a prototype on request. We recommend this service especially for companies whose internal procedures include the need for acceptance of the finished product by the company’s authorities. Customers who order a large batch of clothes for the first time often want to make a prototype to be sure that the final result will meet their expectations.

    You can order sample items from the consultant responsible for your order – we will send them to you free of charge within 1-3 business days. You will have 7 days to try out and return the clothes.

    This depends on whether you order only clothing or clothing with the decorating service. In the case of clothing without a logo, we process orders from 1 item. If you want to mark the ordered clothes, the minimum number of items is 5 (except for T-shirts and accessories).

    Of course – the lower limit of items in your order is a logistical issue, so within one order, you can combine not only different colours and sizes, but also models of clothing. For example – if you need 5 jackets, 5 polo shirts and 5 shirts in different sizes and colours, we will send them all in one delivery!

    We realise orders for clothing without marking within 1-3 business days. It takes an average of 8-12 business days to complete an order with decorations; the exact date depends on the number and size of orders we are currently working on. We also accept express orders, the completion time of which generally does not exceed 5 days.

    The price shown on the product card applies only to clothing. The cost of marking is calculated individually.

    The default price is for 30-49 pieces of clothing; before making a decision about ordering, it is worth seeing how the price changes for subsequent quantitative thresholds. Orders for 100 and more items are priced individually.

    The price of embroidery depends on many technical parameters. Some companies use a standard price list for embroidery to improve their work, which unfortunately means that customers often overpay for this service. At LOGOS, we price embroidery individually, which gives you confidence that you pay exactly for what you receive. Attach a graphic file with your logo to the initial query, and we will provide you with the cost of embroidery as soon as possible.

    As in the case of computer embroidery, the cost of each order is calculated individually, and sending your logo is enough for us to prepare a quick quote.

    Regardless of the decorating method, the main factor affecting the price is the complexity of your logo. However, there is a difference between computer embroidery and other decorating methods: in the case of embroidery, the number of pieces of clothing in the order does not affect the price as significantly as in the case of printing, where the volume of the order plays a key role.

    The price for preparing a prototype is PLN 300, which will be included in the entire invoice for the final order.